The pub next door - Very british

"The James", the rustic pub in an English pub style is situated right next to our hotel. The owners Claudia and Axel Kreutz will welcome you there as guests between the hours of 18.00 and 01.00. The pub is closed on Sundays. On public holidays, please check the sign.

The interior design features a lot of attention to detail and is in no way inferior to a real English or Irish pub. Neither is the rich selection of British drinks. Even the “rules” are British. The beer actually comes from the island and is freshly imported. The James Pub in Münster - Whoever grabs a stool at the bar can put their drinks on tab.

Whoever sits at a table has to collect their own orders at the bar and pay for them immediately. This pub has become a real insider tip in recent years. Guests can enjoy snacks from a small menu.

Next door to the Hotel Martinihof: The James Pub in Münster

The James Pub in Münster

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During the warmer months, from April to October, “The James” opens its cosy beer garden, directly in front of the Lotharing monastery, where people get married in civil ceremonies.